You Know You’re a PAPIST….

— If the line of your head-Pastors extends back at an apostle.

— When you declare the Universe is not a Matriarchy.

— If your church has its own air-space.

— When you can consider Scripture only as good as its interpretor.

— If you think Peter was totally God’s Prime-Minister.

—When you’re not afraid to kiss a ring- no matter where it’s been !

— If you’d rather have a Visible Church made up of fools and sinners than a non-existant, Invisible Church without sin.

— You know more than ten guys named “Innocent”.

— You leanred Roman Numerals from reading a list of the popes.

—If you can visit a Synogouge without getting confused- after all the Jewish people are like your “older brothers”.

— When your manner of worship is described by others as “Vaticanish”.

— When Christian humility means you can call a man who’s not excellent, “Excellency”, a man who’s not emminent, “Emminence”, and a man who isn’t holy, “Holiness”.