1.) You can’t sit still in church.

2.) During communion-time, you moan: “Awww, grape juice again!”

3.) You are sick and tired of happy-clappy gospel music.

4.) Candles make you very happy.

5.) During a Christmas-Eve service, while overhearing “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” you think: “That’s neat…is it Latin?”

6.) You are compelled to wash your hands before entering the sanctuary- it just gives a good, clean feeling.

7.) You have no qualms telling a complete stranger all the bad stuff you did last week.

8.) On those musty, summer days, you wish there was something to get the church smelling nice!

9.) No amount of rules and regulations can drive you nuts.

10.) While considering what church to visit when out of town, you search for the tallest bell-tower.

11.) That pope-guy looks quite charming in his funny hat.

12.) Rome…is so romantic.

13.) There’s something about Mary…

14.) Easter is the awesomest day ever!

15.) Sometimes at the end of Sunday’s service, you feel like saying: “Thanks be to God!”

16.) The idea of tradition sounds rather quaint.

17.) Once or twice, you considered calling an exorcist.

18.) You’ve always wated to live in a gothic cathedral.

19.) No woman pastors!!!

20.) You feel something that’s survived for 2,000 years is worth looking into.