I will be starting a comedy series that eventually shall become a novel. It is called “The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli” and is a lighthearted, Catholic comedy for your enjoyment.

The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli

Painting by J.G Vibert

Set in the 19th century, in picturesque Italy, this comic writing follows the daily life and blunders of one Cardinal Angelo Fratelli. He is devout, young, handsome and experiences many trials partly because of his excitability and because of his snobby Aunt Francine.

Suddenly, Michele, a dear, childhood friend, comes around and doesn’t get the hint he is unavailable. Fratelli must hatch a plan to get her married off so she leaves him alone- also while proving himself to parishioners and various, other clergy.

Lots of laughs and misadventures!!

By: Rachel Marie Gohlman.