Yes, I am making another Cardinal Fratelli book as there are some unresolved issued in his family! This book will contain the needed closure in its wacky, comical way.

                                                        The Cardinal’s Family Matters

G.J Vibert

 By Rachel Marie Gohlman

The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli endure in this 4th novella of the series. Easter Season, the holiest season of the year, comes into full swing. Following the death of his Aunt’s father, Cardinal Fratelli prepares for his youngest cousin, Iona’s arrival. He has trouble adjusting to this new female resident who draws the eyes of many young men- including the son of the Duke of Tuscany!

Meanwhile, the boy, Gianni, readies for his first communion. Michele, who is married to Fratelli’s brother, also prepares for something important: the birth of her first child. Surprises, mishaps- and party invitations, appear around every corner and Fratelli must balance being a pastor, a chaperone and a nephew as family dysfunction rears its ugly head!