Now, everyone knows clergy don’t get out much between celebrating Masses, hearing confessions, serving at funerals, reciting fixed prayers (seven per day to be exact), studying Scripture and keeping all kinds of appointments. But there is one time when the whole entire Catholic Church gets down: Easter.

For pious-faced priests, it’s not about chocolate, bunnies or eggs. On this day, Jesus has risen- so let’s enjoy life in every way! …Anyway, here are pictures from this year’s Easter party:


The Arrival.

Things you need to know: From left to right, Monsignor Lombardo, Father Ed (who is 70 and rather likes his Santa-Claus beard), Cardinal Lucas (no relation to George Lucas), Cardinal Montilo (allergic to peanuts) and lastly, Bishop Manuel (who, obviously has trouble minding his own business).

Cardinal Montilo accepts Manuel’s invitation to eavesdrop while Lucas shows reservation. After all, there could be pair of lovers beyond that door saying things their chaste ears shouldn’t hear. Manuel firmly decides his “chaste ears” could use some excitement.


                            Holy Mass.

Before getting around to more comical pictures, we must quickly gloss over the most vital part of Easter. No Easter festivity would be complete amongst this faithful crowd without Sunday morning Mass. Early, they are up, running and proclaiming the mystery of Christ’s resurrection. The cathedral interior looks like a florists shop, smells like the temple of Jerusalem and sounds like heaven.

No thing reminds them of our frail, broken humanity, which was snatched from certain death, more than the solemn, Paschal Eucharist. (If you want to know what that means, look up “Passover” or you can simply ask us.)



Soon, all the ladies and nice gentlemen get together after Mass. To the left, Cecilia shows off her pink dress. Lydia is playing the piano. The buxom-bosomed woman sitting between them is Arielle. Actually, she started singing first. However, the men took over with their awkward number from “Don Giovanni.”

Belting out a sweet aria, making up the parts he doesn’t know, Cardinal Montilo occupies central-stage. Do you see that young cardinal next to him? He’s Cardinal Fratelli, actually the youngest clergyman there and he holds a ground-melody pretty well. However, not everyone was impressed with their raucous sound- a small bird kept repeatedly diving into the window.


The Dinner.

They ate once Cardinal Lucas said a beautiful prayer of grace that no one wrote down and consequently when trying to recall it, people used off-color phrases like: “filled with God’s wonderful goodness”.

We all look forward to Easter ham and these clergymen were no exception! Standing in the far background is Father Ed. He wanted to serve his fellow guests but got distracted in a lively conversation about dog-training.

You should easily recognize Fratelli in the middle, laughing as if he heard the funniest thing in the world. Being very rash and excitable, he had contested with Bishop Manuel as to who could drink more wine. See, within these circles, manliness is determined by the number of languages you speak or how much fine liquor you can handle.

Of course, Manuel doesn’t care much now. He joins Cardinals Lucas and Montilo in the forefront. They are debating the true, historical date of Easter.


Winding down.

Dinner can’t last forever. Eventually everyone gets full, tired, drunk or cranky. Not to say any specific person became all four… The closest thing we have to an embarrassing after-party picture is this one.

To the left, Bishop Manuel holds a feather. Finding poor Cardinal Fratelli fast asleep, he couldn’t let a perfect opportunity go to waste…

That’s Monsignor Lombardo laughing in the other corner, obviously glad it isn’t him.



Long story short, the guys wanted me to wish you a happy and blessed Easter. So here it is:


Happy Easter!

From: FunnyEminence.