Top 5 reasons why cardinals are so funny.
5.) Cardinals are very bad at playing hide-and-seek.

Their brilliant, scarlet finery makes it virtually impossible to blend in with any surroundings. Maybe if he’s lucky, a short cardinal can hide in the bushes, scrunch up and pretend to be a tomato.


4.) Cardinals all dress alike.

It’s fair to assume their uniforms come standard-issue from the Vatican in red # 40. Once they get together, there’s no way telling them apart which is precisely why the pope just hugs them instead of saying: “Hello (insert name here) how are you?” During solemn Masses, they tend to form a blob of red in the front row.


3.) The Biretta

Cardinals wear curious, square-shaped hats, called birettas and under them are circle-shaped hats called zucchettos. Thus a circle in a square, which I find to be pretty funny.


2.) Cardinals don’t look very happy.

Maybe the fact that their robes are red to symbolize blood shed for the Christian faith has something to do with it? Maybe its the constant demanding stress of their ministry…meh. The way they seem to often scowl and frown just seems comical.


1.) The Conclave.

The biggest sleep-over party ever! Putting 80 or so men in a room together for days on end… fitting all their personalities, egos and testosterone in one space…there’s tons of comedy material in that!