Faulty or deceitful use of Scripture.

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”   – 2 Peter 1:20

Some pastors and teachers from various Christian denominations tend to exaggerate, misinterpret or piece together Scripture in a way that makes the Bible seem to condemn Catholicism.  Common examples are misuse of two verses:

In Matthew:  “Call no man your father” or Paul’s famous warning to Timothy about “Those who forbid marriage and abstain from meat”. To uneducated viewers, this certainly looks bad for Catholics- except that in neither verse, is Catholicism or the Catholic Church the subject.  Jesus’s teaching in Matthew enforces the supremacy of God’s fatherhood; that no other fatherhood should come first. God always gets prime honor above earthly men. It means that and nothing more.  In fact in 1 Corinthians 5:14, Paul says “You have a thousand instcutors but not many fathers for I have become your father though the Gospel” In John’s letters, he calls his disciples “My children”. Now are the apostles contradicting what Jesus commanded?

Paul’s letter to Timothy isn’t speaking of Catholics at all. A sect known as Gnosticism was spreading; leading Christians astray by teaching that a wicked god created the world and all physical matter is evil. They forbade all adherents from marriage. Go ahead and look up what Gnostics believed.

These examples show rather dishonest tactics.  Pastors who should otherwise know better and understand the context of Scripture- and indeed some who do know what Jesus and Paul were actually talking about, distort sacred readings just a bit to serve their agenda.  Keeping people out of the Catholic Church equals more members for them.  In attacking Catholicism, stretching truth is not off limits for the man who can convincingly spin Scripture.