A Rant


They say that a person who has knowledge should have a commanding voice and an awesome presence, well not me. I have studied the Catholic faith for over 5 years and know the Bible very well but do you think anyone would let me correct them on any one of their thousands of misconceptions they carry around about the Catholic Church? No.


I can say till I’m blue in the face that the pope is not some filthy, rich pig, that he actually has no salary and his clothes are mostly HAND-ME-DOWNS- and they will not listen.

I can type till my fingers bleed that I do not worship idols, that I worship the True, Living God in His Son Jesus Christ- but they will not listen.

I can shout and carry on till Kingdom come that my religion is not evil and cite sources showing the great amount of good we have done, I can tell them our good has far outweighed our bad- and still, mine is that small voice.


This ignorant folks of this world can go on carrying their precious misconceptions about the pope and the Catholic faith, touting them and showing them off like precious jewels.

They can declare “No one tells me what to do!” all while swallowing the bittersweet drugs that mainstream media constantly pumps down their throats.  You can’t be an independent thinker when you reject one form of poison only to gleefully drink down another. It doesn’t work like that!!

Maybe you are enlightened, maybe you are progressive and humanistic, it still doesn’t change the fact I have studied this more than you and I know what I’m talking about.

You cling to a caricature of the Catholic religion dreampt up by the media, your parents, your “cool” friends, I hold fast onto the true faith passed down by the apostles and the martyrs. Yes the martyrs, who were torn apart limb-from-limb for their trust in Jesus while you dismiss it as an annoying obligation on Sunday morning.

Don’t tell me you are better than me, don’t judge me, You don’t know me or my religion and maybe once you start figuring out the reality from the dream-world that you live in and get rid of the dream-Catholicism that you fear and loath… you can come back down off your horse and meet me in some real conversation.