• The Scriptures say we become new in Christ but does this mean we no longer need to lean on others for strength?I think we need to continually ask Jesus for strength. We will not figure it all out in a day. true strength is in falling down and getting back up again, which we can only do through his grace.

    Even after 5 years of being a practicing Christian, I still struggle. I get doubts, I even ask “does God love me” Yes I know God loves me but being human we struggle with temptations and emotions. Its a journey, a hard, tough journey and thankfully we don’t have to do it alone.  …And when I sin badly and fall down, I know I can go to Jesus for forgiveness. I know a pastor is always there to hear me out and give advice. He does not leave us orphans. What we need to do is find those avenues of grace and seek them out