Let us imagine for a minute that you are a person with a very good heart. You try your hardest to connect with God and to help other people and connect them to God. You spend an extreme amount of your time, resources and efforts to make the world a better place, to feed poor people, to clothe the naked to visit and heal the sick, to educate the literate and to bring them the Word of Christ.

In addition to that, you have actually made a great difference in the world. You have helped countless lives and raised up and inspired great servants of Christ!

You are a person who has made mistakes…horrible horrible mistakes. You hurt people, alot of people throughout your long life. You have made some of the same heinous mistakes over and over.

Now, you beg forgiveness from Jesus Christ, You ask God to come into you-as he has always been with you before- and to heal you. And God does forgive you and he does heal you. You recover miraculously from the horrible wounds you have left upon others and yourself.

The world on the other hand, those you have hurt will not forgive you. They slander you, they malign you, you are the oppressor and the devil in their eyes and despite your apologies, no one seems to hear.

Now you go back to helping, to sacrificing, to spending your time energy and resources trying to make a better place, People take your charity and spit in your face. Whenever you slip up as people often do, they spit in your face and say “Look what this person has done, they are evil, they are bad- do not ever trust them!”

You cry out to God “have mercy on me!!” Oh Lord have mercy on me a sinner.”

Yet they get ready to drive you out of every corner of society, to earase the good you have done, to condemn you on account of your past mistakes, because you made mistakes, because you slipped up because you are imperfect like everyone else. But unlike everyone else, you have done immense good, such immense good that the world would be far worse off had you never been born.

Unfortunately, few realize this and try netherless to destroy you….

In fact you will still go on, giving everything- expecting nothing in return and this will not bother you. You will go on trying to help the entire world, even if it hates you, even if it crumbles around your ears.

If you were for a moment, this person, this entity with a wide open soul, open arms with a bleeding heart but a flawed, so badly flawed exterior- How would you feel?