I get tired of other Christians constantly arguing against the authority of the pope! It seems that Christians will endlessly disagree about basically everything but on only one thing will they agree, that the pope’s authority is wrong. What is so BAAAD about the pope? Why does this one figure automatically equal corruption, lies and mistrust?

Many Christians act as if believing papal primacy is intrinsically evil or morally wrong! As if one who believes the pope holds authority over the entire church is some heartless, mean person with no capacity for love in their hearts. At best, they might be considered a mindless drone… or a poor, misled soul.  As if Christians who believe in the authority of the pope might someday get in heaven IN SPITE OF that belief instead because they were guided by it.

One person, an Orthodox, that I spoke to a long time ago said that the pope’s primacy “destroyed the central message of Christianity” I mean COME ON!!!

Believing that an old man in a pointy hat guides and teaches the whole church and the bishops, destroyed the central message of Christianity? Seriously? …I didn’t know the pope was capable of undoing the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls (the central message of Christianity by the way). They give this one man more impossible amounts of power than Catholics do!

Let me elaborate that I have no problems with the Orthodox but some of them see fit to have a problem with me because: gasp, I believe in the pope’s universal authority as one who must “strengthen the brethren”. Oh, how evil I must be!

It’s the Pope of the Catholic Church who gets called the anti-Christ and a liar and an evil man. It’s not the Patriarch of Constantinople or the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Archbishop of Canterbury who raises the general hackles of fellow Christians- but the little, Ol’ Roman pope! Nor will any of these aforesaid holy men get so much negative media attention and myriads of insults over the internet.

There is not one man who is so universally hated and despised and falsely accused. Every person who denies he is the Vicar of Christ and then persecutes him actually makes him more like Christ. It is something in the nature of so many to attack this one figurehead. Churches need to focus more on loving Jesus than hating the pope. Pastors need to teach the Gospel as their core doctrine instead of how to argue against the pope. Christians need to live their religion out of heartfelt acceptance and trust not out of rejection and conspiracies.


Moreso, there is a Biblical warrant for the pope’s authority, a historical warrant and a logical one.

He’s the successor of Peter!!


People just need to stop saying junk.

okay rant over