I made sure to get up in time to watch the Consistory in Rome, in which 6 new cardinals were created. Cardinals have a special ministry, that is for sure, they are bishops who advise the pope and upon the pontiff’s death, they elect a new one. It is all very exciting!

Every time I see a bunch of cardinals together, it makes me think of Pentecost, when the apostles assembled and received the Holy Ghost. Their ministry spans all languages, races and cultures. When you see the communion of bishops from every corner of the world, praying and chanting together one song unto God, it hearkens back to those ancient days. The tower of Babel is undone and a new structure surfaces. I am aware that the scarlet red color stands for a willingness to shed blood for the faith however, it also reminds me of fire, the bright burning of the Holy Ghost in the soul of the Church.



New cardinals always excite me. There are always so many emotions within the array of men called to this formidable ministry of upholding the Church. Some are stoic, tight-lipped, others are in awe, others teary-eyed and some even become terrified! Despite their failings as men, the Holy Spirit does work in them. Their weakness is ever apparent, it makes them men before the burning presence of God, the almighty fire who burns but does not consume, He who makes all things new. As Paul said “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” May their feet always carry the Gospel and their lips always preach Christ. And may they always be clothed in Christ’s dignity…even when napping!