Lately I have noticed more frequent visitors to this blog and inevitably along with them, a growing crop of vacuous-brained comments from people who know just as much about the Catholic faith as I know about repairing automatic transmission.

Let me stress that while everyone is welcome here, People who come here vomiting up the same, unoriginal diatribe about how the Catholic Church is evil, greedy, stuck in the Middle-Ages, an oppressive women-hating institution and my personal favorite: the “Whore of Babylon”, will simply be given a reply that reminds them of something called “logic” and then ignored.

This is an apologetics blog and civil debate is welcomed. If you have questions, valid criticisms or a point to argue, that is fine. I’m happy to give information, exchange perspectives and maybe even learn something. However, in order for a an intellectual discussion to actually take place, both parties must show respect and possess open attitudes. I will not waste my time engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.


By the way: Happy Frickin’ New year! 🙂