Working overnight affords little advantages. You feel taxed, achy, weary and cranky for the whole week and on top of that, must manage to sleep during the day when the sun shines and neighbors mow their grass. It is trial and tribulation!

However, near the end of my shift, I had to pause and notice something: the dawn. Nearly frozen, I eyed the sky which seemed to crack open with light, the grass shining like viridian glass, clouds that swirled like blue opal. I had to bask in the crispness of the air.

See, the dawn voices its praise to God. It was at this time that our redemption was won, that all creation was renewed. In the blurry dawn light, Christ rose up; that the voice of sin was silenced, that the cold grip of death became melted by rays from the conquering sun.

Therefore, at this time, everything seems brightest and freshest as if on the first day of creation. All the earth from singing birds, glistening blades of grass and shimmering waters, gives praise to God above. How the heavens, in violet and magenta streaks, render their exultation!

In the mere minutes from 6:30 to 6:45, God makes His face known. All awakens from the long, dark night. Clouds part like curtains to reveal this great opera: Animals stir as if being born for the first time. Flowers unfold as if waking from deep sleep.  Birds open their mouths, singing their lauds. Insects and butterflies unfurl their wings, coaxing the first strides of new life.  The world echoes rebirth. Even the dew-laden air seems to whisper: “Rejoice!”

One cannot help but stand awed. One cannot leave this primordial scene without a memory of our ancient paradise, without a pulse stirring inside. For if one’s heart remains silent, surely the earth and skies shall cry out.


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