Here are pictures from the retreat I went on. At first I was skeptical about the whole matter, wondering if I would ever be yanked out of the horrible spiritual dryness that plagued me for months. Soon enough God began to work. He sort of acted the part of a surgeon, cutting me open and doing some much needed operation. I learned a lot of things about myself, which hurt at first but I realized that God only allows wounds so that he may heal them. I learned about love as a gift we give and not a shallow feeling of happiness.

I also met two wonderful Dominican sisters who shone with the joy and light of Christ. There were role models for me, reminding me of that Marian “yes” we can give to God. I also met a priest who had only been ordained for 2 weeks. Yes, he still had the tags and the new priest smell 🙂 God gave me this priest as a brother, in place of my real brother who abused me emotionally when I was young. In the place of an absent father, God gave me the priesthood that I may always admire it and learn the ways of Christ.

The climax of this retreat was when I got to stare Jesus in the face as He was held up in the monstrance (not monster- Jesus isn’t scary!) His glory and radiance surrounded me in a dark room, everything faded away. It was just me and Him. I asked Him to empty me and make me whole. He is the Lord God, the Son of David, the King of Mercy, my Sweet Savior and the Beloved of my soul. He can do anything! Pure awesomeness!!