There is nothing on earth or in the heavens that compares to the greatness of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, In the outpouring of this Divine Love, all the earth’s nations are as naught, regarded as rust on the scales. The great cities would not suffice to fuel it’s flames and men, princes of men are just a breath!

No treasure has been, is, or will be greater than this precious medicine of souls, this balm of the True Savior. But a drop suffices to cleanse away all sins- a world of sins. But a drop is worth more than all the priceless gems of the earth or mounds of purest gold.

Oh most priceless Sacrament, Sacrament of Sacraments! My hands are not worthy to touch thee, my eyes not worthy to see nor my tongue worthy to taste.

Yet, Oh God, You have let the heavens rain down the Just One and Your mercy pour like the dew-fall. Like a torrent has Salvation come. Oh, how the heavens tore open and from the side of Your Only Begotten, came our only life!!