What is this blog about?


I have been a Roman Catholic for about six years.

Not that I did anything great… my Lord has given me the grace to think, to write and to explain myself.

You see, we crazy Catholics must explain ourselves over and over again; “Why do you have a pope?” “Why attend a church that doesn’t allow female pastors?” “Why do you worship a pice of bread?” What’s with Mary?”

In this blog, I attempt to answer such questions and more…and I will fight tooth and nail for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith of God.


Who am I?









My name is Rachel. I am 28, an  artist, author and graduate from Bradley University in Peoria.

I speak exceptional English, know some Latin and a smattering of Spanish.  I have no recommendations, resume nor references.

My areas of prior study include chemistry, alchemy, natural sciences, some pharmacology, creative writing, studio arts, Catholic doctrine and Scripture. I’m not telling you how long I studied each of them or why, we don’t need to be here forever.

Many consider me a good drawer and a good reader; a skeptic, a Renaissance woman, and a very, very stubborn Catholic!

This is a blog about my faith, what it means, how it can be defended and its more quirky moments. Sometimes the posts here are serious and at other times they are light-hearted. Please enjoy reading this and I hope during your time here, you have learned a few things.


Ad maiorem gloriam Dei, pax vobiscum,

(To the greater glory of God, peace be with you):

Rachel Marie Gohlman.