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The fifth book of “The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli series.” A cardinal’s life is full of duties, documents, appointments and ceremonies, this young Fratelli knows well, and after a series of comical mishaps gets him to realize he’s being overworked, he decides upon a lovely vacation in Pisa to the south. He heads along the coast of Italy, reluctantly taking Gianni and several servants with him, including Jan, intent on soaking up the sunshine and lovely scenery.

However, Fratelli soon finds that even vacations can be thorny as the friendly Archbishop of Pisa wants help with many things, Gianni soon lands himself in trouble and the pestered cardinal just can’t seem to get any time alone! Will Fratelli get the vacation he’s always wanted- or disaster?

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Our friend, Cardinal Fratelli recently traveled to the US. Taking the time to wander downtown incognito, ie. not wearing clericals, he visited an average Catholic parish for Mass.  Here are his comments on the experience.


–  I settled in quite nicely. However, a woman’s low-cut dress offended my virgin eyes and a young man’s drooping trousers offended my intelligence.

– I didn’t understand the opening hymn, Gather Us In. Who exactly were they calling “rich and haughty”? Why do we need courage to enter “the song”? Indeed, I would like to know what “the song” is.

–  At the invocation of the Holy Trinity, I was rather distracted by a person nearby who signed the cross very rapidly, as if he were seized with terror.

–  One of the altar boys curiously resembled a girl.

– I could not smell any incense- they must have run out of it.

– After the first reading, I said “Deo gratias” very loudly while everyone else said “Thanks be to God”. A few strange looks were sent towards me.

– I waved to a little child and he threw his toy at me.

–  They provided nice, paper envelopes for our offering but I soon learned they were not made to hold coins.

–  At the Most-Holy Consecration, the priest turned his back to God which I thought was quite rude.

– The priest spoke the Canon of Consecration very stridently. My ears nearly started to hurt from the volume of his voice. He must be more accustomed to cathedral services…

–  When chanting the “Pater Noster”, someone forcefully grabbed my hand and I felt violated.

–   An army of lay-people suddenly appeared at the altar, they took the hosts and chalices from the priest. I wanted to stop them but no one seemed alarmed.

– I knelt to receive Holy Communion and was looked at strangely.

– The choir sang beautifully but their incessant hymns after Holy Communion made it difficult for me to pray very well.

– I don’t intend to fuss but I noticed some people departed immediately after Holy Communion. These should be taught proper manners.

–  For some odd reason, before the final benediction, there was a great deal of talk about confirmation classes, anniversaries, birthdays, raffles and bingo.

Just in time for Christmas, I published the 4th Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli book on Kindle and Nook.


The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli endure in this 4th novella of the series. Easter Season, the holiest season of the year, comes into full swing. Following the death of his Aunt’s father, Cardinal Fratelli prepares for his youngest cousin, Philomena’s arrival. He has trouble adjusting to this new resident who draws the eyes of many young men- including the son of the Duke of Tuscany!
Meanwhile, the boy, Gianni, readies for his first communion. Michele, who is married to Fratelli’s brother, also prepares for something important: the birth of her first child. Surprises, mishaps- and party invitations, appear around every corner and Fratelli must balance being a pastor, a chaperone and a nephew as family dysfunction rears its ugly head!




It is hilarious and well worth giving as a gift!

**In case you are wondering why I’m not posting any Christmas stuff yet, I’m still waiting until we are further along into Advent. I know Christmas is about more than just buying things, it is centered on the greatest moment in history when God became man! When time stood still and the Almighty entered into earthly life. The precise answer to mankind’s cry for a Savior. Oh darn, I just posted Christmas stuff!

Please consider buying my Cardinal Fratelli books for someone special this Christmas. Revolving around the mishaps of a blundering clergyman, they feature a light-hearted look at Christian faith, family and life. They are available on, Nook and Kindle!






^ This is the first volume, it introduces us to the lovable character of Cardinal Fratelli and shows us the little mishaps that occur every day as he lives out his priestly vocation. See how profoundly, a relationship with the Lord effects his life in meaningful- and comical ways!





The second volume is all about Cardinal Fratelli’s plans for Christmas. Here, you get to meet his entire family and see their funny quirks. A strong message about the real reason for Christmas is also written into these pages. It is wonderful, endearing and hilarious!







I encourage everyone here to click on this link so that they will be treated to a wonderful experience. This is a project I am working on and will be contributing more to: The Cardinal Fratelli Picture Book.


Reverie in the Garden

It features illustrations, done by Rachel M. Gohlman (myself) and Denita L. Arnold, of various scenes from the good cardinal’s life with beautiful descriptions for each picture. When it is fully completed, it will be posted on his blog. Please click on Cardinal Fratelli’s facebook page below to see the work-in-progress and enjoy it!


~ The Cardinal Fratelli Picture Book ~


I would also like to remind those of you who are looking for a good Christmas present for a special person, that the first three volumes of the Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli are out on, Kindle and Nook!






You Might be a Closet-Catholic if…

  1. You can’t sit still in church.
  2. You feel the urge to wash your hands before and after entering the sanctuary- it just gives you such a clean feeling.
  3. When hearing “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” during a Christmas service, you say to yourself: That’s neat…is it Latin?
  4. You have no qualms telling a complete stranger all the bad stuff you did last week.
  5. You’re tired of happy-clappy Gospel music!
  6. The whole candlelight effect at Christmas looks cool.
  7. You could use a little more guilt.
  8. You’re sick of Communion once every month and really wish they’d use wine… like in the Bible.
  9. You think it’s perfectly normal to eat fish on Fridays.
  10.  That pope-guy looks sort of charming in his funny hat.
  11.  No amount of rules and regulations can drive you crazy.
  12.  On hot, summer days, you wish there was something to get the church smelling nice.
  13.  Rome is…so romantic.
  14.  You consider last-rites as an R.S.V.P.
  15.  During Western History Class, when discussing the Reformation, you briefly think Martin Luther needed to take a chill-pill.
  16.  When deciding what church to attend in a new town, you look for a bell-tower.
  17.  There’s something about Mary.
  18.  Once or twice, you’ve thought about calling an exorcist.
  19.  You’ve always wanted to spend the night in a gothic cathedral.
  20.  You feel that something 2,000 years old can’t be wrong!

–         By Rachel Marie Gohlman



Cardinal Fratelli now has his own blog so all posts and chapters of his misadventures will be moving over to here:


I hope you enjoy!!!!

The third book of the “Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli” series is now available in paperback. Unlike the previous volumes, this book combines a murder mystery with its comedic element. and trust me, Cardinal Fratelli is hilarious as ever!

This is just a reminder folks, for anyone who didn’t see it before, that my first book, “The Misadventures of Cardinal Fratelli” is now available in paperback. It is also still on Kindle and NOOK. If you buy it you will see the fully edited chapters with scenes that aren’t on the blog chapters- hilarious scenes.




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