God sometimes uses real-life examples to teach us about Himself. This I firmly believe. Yesterday, while at work in the deep hours of night, I thought about how small and miserable we human beings and our souls must be in sight of the greatness of God. I then asked Our Lord, “If it is possible, tell me, how do you see my soul?” I immediately got a mental image of my cat Pete. No, Our Lord wasn’t saying He saw me as something like His pet, He was conveying in simple way that even my mortal mind could understand, the manner of His love for me.

First of all, let me tell you how much I love Pete. I think about that cat all the time- even more when away from home. I think of how, when I come home in the morning, he is there watching, his golden yellow eyes glowing playfully, his little white feet poised in the air as if unsure whether to come closer, his heart probably purring with delight. When feeling great loneliness, sometimes I whisper his name. And how, when I see Pete, scampering up to me, ears pricked, holding one of his toys in his mouth, I bend down and say “Hi honey, you are such a good boy!”

I laugh at Pete, I sing to him, I seat him on my lap and scratch him behind the ear- where he likes it most. Time and money, I spend on his behalf. I hate to see him sick or hurting. When Pete once scratched a spot behind his ear so hard, it began to bleed, I took him in my arms and felt such pity for him! I know he couldn’t understand me. I know he doesn’t comprehend my love and care, nor my little praises and baby-talk but somehow, in some innate way, he must know I am his “Momma” who won’t let anything harm him.

Just like this, God must think of me. In His heavenly realm, sometimes far away, He must miss me, grow lonely and speak my name. Like a little animal, I am so scared to rush into His arms- more hesitant that I should be, untrusting as I should not be. God provides. He showers me with gifts, blessings and more of His time than I deserve. Seeing what I treasure the most, He brings it to my attention, sometimes in quiet whispers. When I do good for His glory, Our Lord certainly bends down and says “My darling girl.” Other times, when I do evil, He must use the “water bottle” of chastisement.

God loves everything about me, because He made me. He loves my dark brown hair and eyes that shift from grey, to green then to blue. He rushes home to me, eager to hear my voice and to see me kneel, albeit awkwardly, in prayer. Like a housecat, I bring Our Lord gifts, things that should be worth to Him about as much as dead animals- but netherless, He treasures them! He cherishes those moments when I try to tell Him what I need but can only murmur and whimper. My “Father” He will let nothing harm me.

How beneath God’s glory are mortal men! Men are to God like dumb animals are to us. And yet, He always regards our fleshy weakness, our imprudent minds. I could never become another cat and have a “conversation” my Pete yet God already lowered Himself, becoming a man to commune with us! God is simply crazy in love with us. He is crazy in love with me. Not simply a being beneath Him or someone used for benefit, not only a best friend or an associate, no God sees me as His “Honey”, His “Little darling”… One uniquely made and uniquely His- the apple of His eye.


Pete, the apple of my eye.

Pete, the apple of my eye.