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The book, “White Wolf of Rome” was written by Rachel Gohlman, this blog’s creator, less than a year ago.  The entire book has been recently revised and republished. Please take a look at it as it would make the perfect Catholic-themed horror story for Halloween!


~A long-lost fable from days long-past, comes a story from the late and dark Middle-Ages that revolves around mankind’s struggle against his wicked, sinful nature. From darkness, vampiric beings reemerge set to invade Rome, humans fight alongside a band of werewolves and an imprudent pontiff accepts the ancient curse of lycanthropy in exchange for his life.
He soon finds himself and his niece, the only member left of his family, facing many dangers. This is a story of natural versus supernatural, the holy against the unholy and the triumph of the human soul.~



This book is available on Kindle and as a hardback on Want a peek at it? Start reading it here:



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The second book in the Cardinal Fratelli series is now out in paperback!





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